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FIXtelligent version 1.13 in production

Today we’ve launched version 1.13 of FIXtelligent to production. This release contains a lot of under the hood changes to improve user experience and some bug fixes.

Importantly, this release has a new foundation to support our upcoming major feature: one-click simulated FIX interface behaviour testing using your and your counter-party’s FIX specs, rules of engagement, and test cases.

This release also contains 5 more public FIX specs in machine read-able format. Try the search box after you are logged in.

Bonus tip: All FIXtelligent functionality is free to use. There is no risk trying it out.

Have a look: A Trader’s Guide to the FIX Protocol

In collaboration with Global Trading magazine, we have created a FIX protocol guide for buy-side traders and published here. (The same guide has also been published in Global Trading  journal, and its website.)

If you find this guide useful or have suggestions to improve it, please contact us. We will be happy to hear from you.

First major upgrade to FIXtelligent

Today we’ve launched a major upgrade to FIXtelligent.

New Features

  • We have revamped the the design and layout of FIXtelligent so that it is clearer, crisper and easier to navigate. This is our first design refresh after product launch and hope you will like it.
  • Creating and editing User Defined Messages in your specs is now supported.
  • You can now also add User Defined Fields into FIX messages.
  • We have also added support for adding non-standard FIX tags in any message. These fields can come from another message of base version, or from another FIX version.
  • We’ve built the foundation for automatically importing public FIX specs from PDF/Word files into FIXtelligent format and have started to publish what we get our hands on. You can now view these specs and bookmark them.
  • You can now also compare your specs against any public specs with granularity down to field and valid values. You will have full visibility into differences in your specs, and any of the public specs.

Besides these new features, we have fixed numerous bugs and made improvements to the backend platform. Stay tuned for more features in next weeks and months.

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Welcome to FIXtelligent blog

Today we are launching FIXtelligent blog so that we can keep you updated on new FIXtelligent features, product roadmap and other product news.

Keep tuned for more.