Create FIX Specs

Using Interactive Interface

Use intuitive web interface to create and customize your FIX protocol specifications. Start from scratch, or off standard / custom templates.

Share Specs With Others

With View or Edit Access

Connecting to new counterparty? Share your FIX Specs with privacy and full access control.

Public Specs

Find And Share Public Specs

Share your FIX Specs with public with full control on lifecycle and versions. Discover and bookmark others' public specs.

Standards Reference

All FIX Versions

Interactively explore and search standard FIX Specs, fields, components, data types, and registered User-Defined Fields (UDFs)

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Red Hat Linux
Groovy Programming Language
Apache Tomcat

FIXtelligent Platform

Create Once. Use Many

Your specs in structured format to be used in many ways. Today you share and export, tomorrow you generate FIX schemas.

Platform. Not a Product

FIXtelligent isn't a product. But a platform on which we will build tools and services to solve your FIX connectivity headaches.

In The Cloud. Or Your Data Center

FIXtelligent works great in the cloud with secure connectivity to your data center. Some future tools can also be co-located.

Monthly Updates

New features and improvements will be added monthly. Interested to know what is on our roadmap? Contact us.

Secure and Private

FIXtelligent is designed with security and privacy as founding principles. Your data is safe with us, or when you access it over SSL.

Fanatical Support

Our support team is available to get you started with the platform. Or to address any of your questions and concerns.

Try FIXtelligent

Sign up and start using FIXtelligent right away. It is free!

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FIXtelligent is brought to life by FIXNOX in technology partnership with Aurora Solutions.

Irfan Syed


Irfan is Principal at FIXNOX and idea guy behind FIXtelligent. He has been in the industry since 2000 and has led numerous FIX implementations worldwide at buy-side institutions, brokers, global investment banks, stock exchanges and regulatory bodies. His LinkedIn profile can be viewed here.

Rasheed Amir


Rasheed has unique capability to combine programming, mentoring & motivation to do new start-ups. He has more than a decade experience in envisioning, designing, implementing and testing large scale, global, high performance, real-time, low latency, load balanced and fault tolerant systems/applications with special interest in HFT, FX & digital currencies.

Abdul Aziz


Aziz holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Sciences and has a diverse background of working with different tools and technologies. Prior to cofounding Aurora, Aziz spent his career working in product development at IBM and Thomson Financials. He is currently managing the development team at Aurora Solutions with a strong focus on developing software for the financial sector.

Hasnain Syed


Having a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and an ultimate passion for programming, Hasnain is currently working as Grails enthusiast at Aurora and is responsible for front and backend development of FIXtelligent. His passion for programming is driven by a strong desire to learn and implement new ideas.


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